If it's a “postmodern” 21st Century version of range sciences you're after, you can do no better than check out the website of the Jornada Experimental Range, Las Cruces, New Mexico,US.

"The Range Problem today calls not only for different experiments, but also for a reformulation of the broader framework of the discipline away from its modernist roots—productivist, reductionist, and mechanistic. The “postmodern” version of range science is the application of the scientific method at scales spatially and temporally relevant to management. We are trying to learn how to apply science to local management settings, with all their complexity, yet retain the scientific method of a post modern science generating data and analyses to support land management, and lands of all types."
The organisation has not only has pioneered the development of the remote-controlled cow. (Their directional virtual fencing (DVF™) electronics package is carried by the cows on an ear-a-round (EAR™). The results of which can be seen here.)

They have also prepared a video profiling the concept of a 'flerd'. (defined thus:)
“A group of livestock containing two or more species which stay together under free-ranging conditions is defined as a flerd