I’ll demonstrate how I built a worm drive panoramic mount out of Lego for your various Lego optics lab lens and filter holders. Some folks might find that the worm drive allows a bit more fine tuning for the rotation of the lens or mirror mounted on the worm drive panoramic mount than they were able to do using the simple panoramic mount.

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Parts needed

1 Lego Technic turntable gear
1 Pulley
1 Cross axle 10
1 Worm gear
1 Three quarter pin
1 Plate 2 X 8
2 Plates 1 X 2
2 Lego Technic beams 1 X 2
2 Lego Beams 1 X 8
4 Lego Technic bushings

Here’s how I built my Lego Worm Drive Panoramic Mount.

I mounted my Lego mirror/filter holder to demonstrate how to use the Lego Optics Lab: Worm Drive Panoramic Mount.