Unlike Alex Durig, who has given us 5 Predictions for 2017, I will not attempt to make any.  Rather I will try to enjoy what remains of the 12 days of Christmas (the last one being the 5th of January, and I do not have the energy to pop over to Russia to enjoy another Christmas Day on the 6th.)

So, for a couple of Festive Treats, here are two songs for readers.  The first is aimed at North Americans, the majority of whom should have the opportunity of building a snowman, though not necessarily in a meadow.  Here in Britain we are unlikely to have much of an opportunity this year, unless we are up in somewhere like the Yorkshire Dales, the Brecon Beacons, or the Cairngorms.  Maybe this is due to climate change, but possibly also heat from the Caribbean:

And while we are still feeling the glow, are there any Christmas songs you particularly dislike?  One I never liked is “Little Donkey”.  But four days ago I discovered a Christmas donkey song from Venezuela, El burrito de Belén - Wikipedia, la enciclopedia libre.  It is a great favourite for Zumba dancing, maybe not too surprising, since that form of exercise originated from Colombia.

But watch the carefully the graphics, which seems to me to have been created in Mexico.  A few seconds before 2:00, there appears a remarkable piece of iconography, of something which I never realized was in the Christmas story!