Geoengineering And Climate Change

A National Academy of Sciences panel said that, with proper governance and other safeguards, we...

Let's Lift The Earth!

Think of our poor sister world Venus – almost the same size as Earth, it probably had oceans...

METI: Should We Be Shouting At The Cosmos?

David Brin first wrote this in 2006, summarizing a controversy that was then emerging among members...

Exciting Possibilities In (And About) Space!

First some exciting news about space-flight.  Then I'll finish with a followup (and speculative)...

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Standards of Transparency in Science? 

A recent, fascinating recent study is Decoding Animal Languages, by Con Slobodchikoff.  At one level, it is an inspiring demonstration of how new technologies can liberate us from preconceptions and open new avenues of empathy, helping humans to understand the other species who co-inhabit this planet with us.

A number of recent web-notables all seem to revolve (eccentrically) around the question of human evolution.  Whether it continues. Whether there is such a thing as "selection in groups." Whether our technological (cyborg) augmentations and/or increasing numbers of "non-neuro-typical" society members portend a new splitting of human destiny. And it looks as if I should have set Existence just five years in the future, instead of 35!

We live in times of extraordinary discovery. Exoplanets appear to be quite common in our galaxy. NASA’s Kepler Telescope has identified over 2,000 planetary candidates orbiting other stars. And yet the universe appears to be silent – at least when it comes to any detectable signs of alien civilizations, either at present in our galaxy or their remnants from the last couple of billion years.  

Last week it was asteroid mining, as Peter Diamandis and his partners showed us their bold new venture, Planetary Resources, aiming eventually to start harvesting trillions of dollars worth of materials that would then no longer have to be ripped out of Mother Earth.