Geoengineering And Climate Change

A National Academy of Sciences panel said that, with proper governance and other safeguards, we...

Let's Lift The Earth!

Think of our poor sister world Venus – almost the same size as Earth, it probably had oceans...

METI: Should We Be Shouting At The Cosmos?

David Brin first wrote this in 2006, summarizing a controversy that was then emerging among members...

Exciting Possibilities In (And About) Space!

First some exciting news about space-flight.  Then I'll finish with a followup (and speculative)...

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It appears that a small cabal of  billionaires -- those who got rich through innovation and who feel loyal to the future -- are about to to fund a new effort worth some excitement and attention

The notion of gun-propelled launch goes back to Jules Verne. Such Mass Drivers have been envisioned in numerous Sci Fi tales, including "Earthlight", by Arthur C. Clarke, Robert A. Heinlein's "The Moon is a Harsh Mistress" and "Heart of the Comet" by Benford&Brin. We've also seen them portrayed in Buck Rogers, Babylon 5 and Halo. 

Increasingly, science is failing to influence public policy. Facts, statistics and data appear insufficient to change highly politicized minds...