The American Institute of Physics (AIP) and the Acoustical Society of America (ASA) are accepting submissions for their respective 2019 science communication awards.

 The AIP Science Communication Awards were established in 1968 to recognize some of the best examples of science writing in the previous year. Currently there are four awards for the best science writing in :

1) books;
2) magazine, newspaper or online articles
3) children's books and other works intended for children
4) broadcast and online productions.

Works should be intended for a general audience and will be judged on their ability to enhance the public’s understanding and appreciation of physics and related fields.

Winners will receive $3,000, an engraved Windsor chair, a certificate of recognition, and a trip to the awards ceremony.  Apply here.

Entries must be received by March 29, 2019.

The Acoustical Society of America (ASA) is seeking nominations for its 2019 Science Communication Awards in Acoustics, which are intended to recognize excellence in the presentation of acoustics related topics to a popular audience.

Each award includes a $2,500 cash prize and a $1,000 stipend to travel to the 178th ASA meeting in San Diego, California, Dec. 2-6, 2019, where the awards will be presented Wednesday, Dec. 4.  Apply here.

Entries must be received by March 15, 2019.