Science magazine and PINS Medical of China are giving a prize for research that modulates neural activity through physical (electrical, magnetic, optical) stimulation of targeted sites in the nervous system with implications for translational medicine.

This prize was established in 2016 and is awarded annually based on a 1,500 word essay about research that has been performed in the past three years.

The winner is awarded $25,000 and publication in Science magazine.

PINS is from a Chinese word for acupuncture but they say is stands for “Patient Is No.1 always”. They make deep brain stimulation systems, what they call brain pacemakers, and claim efficicacy for Parkinson's disease, dystonia, and more.

Entrants must be a Junior Investigator with an advanced degree received in the last 10 years and must be 45 years or younger as of January 1, 2019. The entry form is here and you must include a recommendation from your postdoctoral adviser, supervisor, or other senior colleague, along with a A Curriculum Vitae.

The deadline is March 15, 2019. Apply here.

Bonus: Enjoy the strange Google translation version of the PIN Chi Medical site.