In ban-happy modern America, it's fashionable to find someone or something - anything - to blame for why you choose to ingest more calories than you burn on a persistent basis.

But during the holiday season, the circus that is health reporting in this country grows even more ridiculous as stories about the worst holiday foods and how to eat healthy on Thanksgiving begin to pop up in the news.  Complaining about what other people eat is irritating, but what's most bothersome about the warnings not to overeat on Thanksgiving is that they're entirely pointless. Obesity isn't caused, not even in part, by our holiday fare. 

Yet if health writers are not scaring people or cooing about the Miracle Vegetable of the Week, they are out of business, and so we get yet another round of lamentations that Thanksgiving is to blame for you eating stupidly during the previous 11 months.  It beats claims that obesity is caused by where you live or that you are so poor you can be fat.

Cameron English at Policy Mic has the takedown.