Mayor Michael Bloomberg, General in the War On Choice, is nothing if not inconsistent.  You can't decide how much salt to use in NYC or decide what size soda to buy, thanks to imperial fiat, but you can gorge yourself on hot dogs in public and be a bad role model for what Bloomberg considers the most gullible and unintelligent people in the world.

Mayor Bloomberg does not want to look hypocritical so he now says there is nothing wrong with the occasional fast food meal. Why ban something if it is occasionally okay?  I guess he means there is nothing wrong with occasional fast food as long as he decides when that occasion is. Like when it gets him a photo op.

I am pretty sure Joey Chestnut will not get arrested for eating 62 hot dogs today, nor will Nathan's staff get arrested for letting him - as long as they have no trans fats.

If you can follow such things without guilt, the annual Nathan's Hot Dog Eating Contest starts right about now. 

Health-Conscious Bloomberg Presides Over Nathan’s Hot Dog Eating Contest Weigh-In, CBS News