Why would a bill in Hawaii ban GMOs, except for the GMO Rainbow papaya crop, which is credited by scientists and independent experts for rescuing the papaya on Hawaii from extinction threatened by the ringspot virus?

Welcome to the scientization of politics, where stuff gets banned whether there is a science issue or not. Unless it hurts anyone except poor people. Kohala Councilwoman Margaret Wille was behind Bill 79 and Bill 79 was widely regarded as a scientific and political mess, as the independent website Biofortified.org noted in its analysis. The committee held four days of public comment sessions, with tensions running high and the debate turning personal. Wille withdrew the bill in early August after the hearings and a Council discussion made it clear that it was poorly written.

But now the idea is back - and though they claim this is a grassroots uprising, this is actually funded by the usual suspects who are making money from their expensive placebos - in California we had the Homeopath and the Magic Soap guy and then all of Big Organic, the names are just different in Hawaii.

Jon Entine at Genetic Literacy Project has the takedown.