Though Dr. Oz made a valiant effort at rehabilitating his reputation by appearing contrite in an NBC interview and conceding that his stethoscope and medical scrubs are to be taken as simple props, since his goal on "The Dr. Oz Show" is not to discuss medicine, but his bullying of detractors on his own program didn't go without notice.

He may claim anyone who disagrees with him is a shill - though when it comes to GMOs, everyone in science is a shill - but he asks the audience to ignore his many efforts to become a corporate spokesperson in his own right.  And it isn't really a defense if the people on your side are anti-science activists like Lisa Graves, Joel Fuhrman and Gary Ruskin.

None of the people who criticized Dr. Oz gets to demand $200,000 per speech so it seemed odd for Dr. Oz to claim everyone else only cares about money.

Alex Berezow of Real Clear Science lays out what actual scientists think of Oz's evidence, his methodology, and his logic in A Letter to Dr. Oz from a PhD Microbiologist