Nothing is stranger than watching environmental journalists rationalize why they are flying off to yet another conference on climate change. They have to weigh it carefully, they say, and agonize over it, but eventually they determine the 'relationships' are worth the emissions damage they cause.

Then they will munch on catered food and write articles insisting business people should not fly so much. It's 'Why it's right for Sting's wife Trudie Styler to take helicopters 80 miles to visit organic farms' rationalization that Big Green tends to do when it suits them. 

Now Greenpeace is bucking their own claims that air travel is a bad idea - by paying for an employee to commute that way.  Pascal Husting, international program director Greenpeace International, has been flying from Luxembourg to Amsterdam and back twice per month. Greenpeace, which claims aviation must be reduced in order to stop the oncoming global warming holocaust, even paid for his tickets.

Why does he do it? Because the train ride would take too long. And he can't telecommute because...relationships. And he can't move because, well, I don't know. Non-elites outside giant environmental activism corporations move to do their jobs all of the time.

John Sauven defended the policy and also paying for his trips. Greenpeace supporters naturally went ballistic, showing they have more integrity than the people running Greenpeace. 

Good to know Greenpeace has seen the light about the importance of time and personal relationships. Now if only they could accept that it is also important for we lowly plebians making a living that doesn't involve taxpayers or donations.