One of the fundamental precepts we laid out in the original Science 2.0® vision was collaboration.  It's tricky stuff, collaboration, it requires scientists who are often competitors to other labs to be more open - and that may never happen, but for smaller groups who want it to happen, there are tools in the works that can help.  

One of those, Mendeley, has come out of beta and released Mendeley Desktop v1.0 for Windows, Mac, and Linux, following two other milestones for the company, 1 million users who have now downloaded the application and a database with its 100 millionth paper uploaded. 

Mendeley is not yet collaboration in the way we would want for true Science 2.0, it is PDF document management, bibliography sharing and annotation for scientific collaboration, and provides personalized recommendations for new research based on the content of an individual user's library - but it is the right step and an important one. 

"At its core, Mendeley is a stand-alone reference manager and bibliography generator. But we've gone beyond that by making research papers the social object," said Mendeley Chief Scientist Dr. Jason Hoyt. "This release version 1.0 brings us even closer to our vision of developing a long overdue social tool for academia. It means that for scientists and researchers - whether they are in academia, private enterprise, or government - paper and reference management is no longer an isolated activity. It's a dynamic social experience where you discover new content and develop contacts along the way."