Number Of Women Using Marijuana During Pregnancy Nearly Doubles

Claims about marijuana being medical have never been shown in clinical trials, they have instead...

Music May Be Able To Replace Anxiety Medication Before Anesthesia

There is no substitute for medication; not food, not meditation, not music, not supplements, not...

Exercise Helps Astronauts In Space Prevent Fainting

For nearly as long as man has traveled into space, it has been known that it brings a greater risk...

Colon, Pancreatic And Lung Are The Deadliest Cancers But Get Little Funding

Breast cancer, leukemia, and lymphoma get outsized funding compared to their mortality while pancreatic...

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As government control of science funding increased, and government spent billions convincing young scholars that only government-funded academia was a fulfilling science career, competition grew at a rapid pace. And collaboration declined.
In 1965, 42.4% of U.S. adults admitted to smoking on surveys. By 2017 that has dropped to 14% and that is due in large part to awareness efforts and to modern smoking cessation efforts. In 1965, quitting meant going "cold turkey" and sucking on candy to mimic the behavioral aspects of smoking addiction. Then came gums and patches created by Big Pharma to replace the nicotine cravings. Finally, a grassroots consumer effort took hold in the form of nicotine vaping.
On this morning’s edition of AMHQ, The Weather Channel’s morning show, meteorologists Jim Cantore&Tevin Wooten gave viewers an in-depth look at what it would have been like to land on the moon - using The Weather Channel's’s proprietary Immersive Mixed Reality technology.

You may have seen it in the past, during coverage of a flood, when they had everything from televisions to fish floating as their pundits exaggerated the effects of water rising. While the hyperbolic claims they made were ridiculous, they were no more ridiculous than what other media outlets did to grab viewers, and the technology was outstanding.
German was once the language of engineering and science, but as the world became more scientific, English became the common tongue. The reason may be German's notoriously irregular nouns.
The term sexting has been used to describe incidents where people take nude or semi-nude photos or videos of themselves and exchange that content via text or private social media messages.

To adults it is recognized as somewhat ridiculous but at least there is the pretense of mature consent, that it is only being shared with trusted romantic partners, while with teens there is concern these images will find their way into the hands of others and follow them throughout their early lives at a time when everything is already dramatic.
As the Apollo 11 Lunar Module approached the moon's surface for the first manned landing, commander Neil Armstrong switched off the auto-targeting feature of the LM's computer and flew the spacecraft manually.

A new video, created at Arizona State University's School of Earth and Space Exploration, shows what Armstrong saw out his window as the lander descended — and that means we can see for yourself why he took control. They used the crew's voice recording, the timings, a video taken on film and images taken from lunar orbit by the LROC over the last 10 years.