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Migraine is a common condition, involving a severe recurring headache but sometimes nausea, weakness and light sensitivity as well. According to the American Migraine Foundation, over 37 million people in the U.S. report being affected by migraine, though only 148 million people worldwide report suffering from it.

Perivascular spaces are fluid-filled spaces surrounding blood vessels in the brain. They are most commonly located in the basal ganglia and white matter of the cerebrum, and along the optic tract. Perivascular spaces are affected by several factors, including abnormalities at the blood-brain barrier and inflammation. Enlarged perivascular spaces can be a signal of underlying small vessel disease.
With the population at 8 billion and on its way to 10, there is renewed concern about resources, but water? Yes, though the percentage of the world's water that is potable can be counted on one hand many countries don't have access to oceans. And if Europe forces developing nations to obey European laws on water like they do energy and food, poor countries will never be able to create centralized water services.
Elite performance takes natural ability coupled with elite levels of training. That last part has an effect later in life, according to a new analysis. It found that one in four retired Olympians have some level of osteoarthritis, which causes changes in the joint and can lead to discomfort, pain and disability.
A clinical trial where dogs get advanced cancer treatment could pave the way for a new immunotherapy treatment in kids. 

Sarcoma is a cancer of the bones and soft tissues and one of the most common childhood cancers, the third most common cancer in children, with one in three dying from their disease. The first step for almost all sarcoma patients after diagnosis is surgery to remove the tumor. 
A new study says early intervention with cryoballoon catheter ablation (cryoablation) can halt disease progression and reduce risk of serious health impacts of atrial fibrillation(AF).
Age is relative. If you put two people the same chronological age next to each other, one may look younger while one may nonetheless be biologically younger. Yet age is the biggest risk factor for most diseases even though it doesn't tell much of a health story.

Population statistics about age are as pointless in individual care as most epidemiology, but they can provide proxies for biological aging that at least have people taking important things for their future, rather than placebos like a USDA food servings chart.