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If you are an artist, you will need a much different bionic arm than a soldier and a new waypoint on the road to interchangeable bionics has been developed. 

In July 2019, the Clinical Laboratory for Bionic Limb Reconstruction at MedUni Vienna's Department of Surgery implanted sensors in three male patients following nerve transfers, to transmit biosignals for wireless control of bionic prostheses. 
The 5th century Mözs-Icsei dülő cemetery near Szekszárd in the area known as Pannonia dates back to the late Roman period. 

Remains reveal the demographic makeup during the beginnings of Europe's Migration Period, when the Huns invaded Central Europe and the Romans retreated from modern-day Western Hungary as the empire collapsed in the face of barbarian hordes.
When it comes to COVID-19 deaths, the elderly and those with certain pre-existing conditions are at greater risk, just like they are in any disease that can cause respiratory distress.

Yet demographers are beginning to break down those numbers to highlight disparities in outcomes. A new paper finds that even though men and women are equally likely to contract the virus, men are significantly more likely to suffer severe effects and die. 

What might explain it? Co-morbidities are certainly a factor, though deaths in people of color are higher than in Caucasian-Americans and co-morbidities are dismissed in those because it sounds too much like laying blame.

Early on in this year's coronavirus pandemic, SARS-CoV-2, experts began to explore whether the pool testing approach used in blood banking could be adapted to increase testing capacity in coronavirus diagnostics and protect those with a high mortality risk from the coronavirus. This would protect those at greater risk from asymptomatic individuals, including the medical and care staff that look after them.

Viral infections are challenging because people can be contagious before developing symptoms. Studies have said individuals can spread the coronavirus two days before the onset of clinical symptoms and viral load is at its highest almost a day before any symptoms become apparent. 

If we want to get a snapshot about what the ancient ways really meant for food, we need look no further than the Amazon, where despite living in the most biodiverse place on Earth, people go hungry.

The reason is simple; they don't harness nature, they exist at the whim of it. 

Ribeirinhos live alongside rivers in Brazil's Amazonian floodplain forests but struggle to catch enough fish to eat and can go hungry. The reason is nature. The Purus River undergoes one of the largest annual variations in water levels on the planet. When it floods, large areas of forest become submerged. River fish populations disperse making them much harder to catch. They can't feed themselves even with a sparse rural population
If you can afford a combination of cotton with natural silk or chiffon, those provide the best protection from coronavirus if you are not one of those people hoarding N95 masks.

But, really, unless you are a healthcare worker, the kind of covering makes little difference. Even if you do spend the money for silk, you are unlikely to have a homemade mask fit well enough it is superior to a bandana. And if you are someone who touches your face often, they are all less effective. Your eyes are not covered. Critics are not wrong for wondering if homemade masks are more than placebo, since aerosols can easily slip through gaps in many cloth fibers.