At 3 Cases In 6 Months, Monkeypox In The US Is Effectively Contained

Monkeypox (Mpox) is an infection transmitted by skin-to-skin contact and causes fever and painful...

Brown Fat’s “Off-Switch” Isn't A New Ozempic Diet Exploit

Brown adipose tissue is different from the white fat around human belly and thighs. Brown fat helps...

Opioid Addicts Are Less Likely To Use Legal Opioids At The End Of Their Lives

With a porous southern border, street fentanyl continues to enter the United States and be purchased...

More Like Lizards: Claim That T. Rex Was As Smart As Monkeys Refuted

A year ago, corporate media promoted the provocative claim that dinosaurs like Tyrannorsaurus rex...

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Light is the most famous thing that is two distinct entities at once - a wave and a particle - but glass is nearly as mysterious. And not well understood.

We think of glass as being transparent and rigid, is a complex and intriguing material but that is only when cooled and its dynamics slow down significantly. This process, known as “glass transition”, is due to "dynamical heterogeneities," where the dynamics become increasingly correlated and intermittent as the liquid cools down and approaches the glass transition temperature.
In the future, people in need of an organ transplant will have one grown using their own stem cells. That means no immunosuppressive drugs, no risk of failure, no hoping someone compatible dies. Until then, the best solution to get rid of waiting lists is donor animals.

A new study completed the longest-documented case of a genetically engineered pig kidney functioning in a human body; 61 days. It used a GalSafe pig, an animal engineered by Revivicor Inc., and approved in 2020 by the U.S. Food and Drug Administration as a potential source for human therapeutics, as well as a food source for people with alpha-gal syndrome, a meat allergy caused by a tick bite.
White environmentalists in rich European countries still maintain a kind of benevolent colonialism over Africa, telling those countries Europe won't buy their food unless they use no science in its production - while ignoring that organic farming for thousands of years in Africa showed why it is such a failure for anyone not born into a natural 'breadbasket' region.
A new study finds that while antidepressants reduce negative memories in individuals suffering from depression they may also be improving overall memory function.

But don't go all Ozempic and rush to find a boutique physician willing to prescribe them for you, no one knows how antidepressants work, even after 70 years in existence. Though they outperform placebos like supplements in GNC or other alternatives to medicine, alternative medicine is such a scam because the threshold for placebo is high. Antidepressants are far better than supplement alternatives even though they only work 50 percent of the time. That is why patients routinely have to try a few.
A recent analys if of primary care patients at Kaiser in Washington state, where recreational cannabis use is legal, found that addiction was common among patients who used it.

Moderate and severe cases were more prevalent among patients who reported recreational use. 

The cross-sectional study was 108,950 adult patients who completed routine cannabis screening from March 2019 to September 2019. Of those, 5,000 were selected for a confidential marijuana use survey using stratified random sampling for frequency of past-year use and race and ethnicity. Among 1,688 respondents, 1,463 reporting past 30-day cannabis use were included in the study.
In the field of gender-affirming care for the LBGTQ+ community, there are drastic solutions - controversial if it involves those unable to grant real informed consent - but there are also therapeutic benefits to minimally invasive procedures, write a group in Canadian Medical Association Journal, and taxpayers should fund those.