The Amount Of Water Injected In Conventional Oil And Gas Production Exceeds Fracking By 10X

High-volume hydraulic fracturing, colloquially called fracking, injects water, sand and chemicals...

Jupiter's Gravitational Mystery May Have Been Caused By Collision With Another Planet

The Juno mission, designed to help scientists better understand Jupiter's origin and evolution...

Epidemiologists Correlate Ozone To Smoking A Pack Of Cigarettes Per Day For 29 Years

An exploratory correlation claims that ozone levels can lead to lungs similar to the damage of...

We Can't Live On Food That Is Hundreds Of Years Old But Microbes Can

Microbial communities living in deep aquatic sediments have adapted to survive on really old food...

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Aromatherapy, essential oils, and such, have no medical benefit in humans, but they do work against some pests, if you don't want to use something better.

The process is simple enough for simpler creatures; insects are attracted to some smells and repelled by others. So use the repellent on plants you want to keep. 

Like garlic on broccoli.
There is a belief that white police officers are trigger happy when it comes to minority crime suspects but analysis of shootings in the comprehensive database of fatal officer-involved shootings (FOIS) shows that is not true.
In 637, a few years after the founder of Islam, Muhammad, died, one of his military commanders completed the Arab conquest of Jerusalem, prior to that a holy city for Jews and Christians. It was over 400 years before Christians were able to take it back.
There are only four seasons so one of them is going to win when it comes to drug use, and it's little surprise that season for teenagers is summer,when kids are not in school.

A recent analysis of survey results found that 34 percent of new LSD initiates first used the drug in the summer. In addition, 30 percent of marijuana, 30 percent of ecstasy (MDMA/Molly), and 28 percent of cocaine use was found to begin in summer months. Since summer is 25 percent of the seasons this is not really compelling insight, but if epidemiologists want to get National Institute of Environmental Health Sciences (NIEHS) funding, they need to find things to hype up.

Claims about marijuana being medical have never been shown in clinical trials, they have instead been a joke among users, but it opened the doorway to recreational legalization. Yet the myth of benefit, or at least lack of harm, persist, and new survey results show more women are smoking it daily. Even pregnant ones. At least in California.
There is no substitute for medication; not food, not meditation, not music, not supplements, not anything, except in instances where the issue is not medical. And for some, anxiety is a non-specific symptom for a disease they don't have, it is just concern about an event, and in those instances something like music may work as well as medication, finds a study using music before an anesthesia procedure.