At 3 Cases In 6 Months, Monkeypox In The US Is Effectively Contained

Monkeypox (Mpox) is an infection transmitted by skin-to-skin contact and causes fever and painful...

Brown Fat’s “Off-Switch” Isn't A New Ozempic Diet Exploit

Brown adipose tissue is different from the white fat around human belly and thighs. Brown fat helps...

Opioid Addicts Are Less Likely To Use Legal Opioids At The End Of Their Lives

With a porous southern border, street fentanyl continues to enter the United States and be purchased...

More Like Lizards: Claim That T. Rex Was As Smart As Monkeys Refuted

A year ago, corporate media promoted the provocative claim that dinosaurs like Tyrannorsaurus rex...

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New York City makes no sense on paper. It is expensive to get into, expensive to live in, yet crowded and dirty. The heat is overwhelming in the summer while in the winter the wind effect among all those buildings cut can through your parka.

There is no way to undo its monocentric development now, like California, New York is suffering a wealth and marriage diaspora for better tax and family environments, and “polycentric” spatial patterns may solve both those problems.
Transgender and gender-diverse Medicare beneficiaries use significantly more emergency department services than cisgender people, particularly for psychological care, and these visits were more likely to be followed by an admission.

It brings up an obvious question; with outsized use of emergency services, why are there delays in seeking timely health care that result in visits to the ER?
Estradiol is an estrogen hormone used medically during menopause and after hysterectomies to help reduce symptoms such as hot flashes and to prevent osteoporosis (bone loss) in women, but a new paper says it is linked to cocaine addiction.

Women are more likely than men to develop an addiction, try cocaine at a younger age, use larger amounts of the drug, and suffer from overdose. A psychologist says estradiol may be why.
Children who had a successful first 10-14 weeks of kindergarten scored higher than others on tests of academic and social-behavioral skills at the end of the school year, according to a new demography paper. Important parts of the transition – what the scholars called a “big little leap” – included making new friends, learning to work with others and adapting to new academic demands.
If you have bad breath and it hasn't been an issue your entire life, the most common cause may be that garlic and Limburger cheese sandwich you ate at lunch, but sometimes it's not a lifestyle issue. It could be an oral issue but it could also be a stomach one.
When you are making a model it is common to make assumptions about the physical systems often assume that measurable features of the system. Temperature or chemical potential can be specified. The real world is messier than that, and uncertainty is unavoidable. Temperatures fluctuate, instruments malfunction, the environment interferes, and systems evolve over time.

Statistical physics address the uncertainty about the state of a system that arises when that system interacts with its environment but a new paper says that uncertainty in the thermodynamic parameters themselves — built into equations that govern the energetic behavior of the system — may also influence the outcome of an experiment.