At 3 Cases In 6 Months, Monkeypox In The US Is Effectively Contained

Monkeypox (Mpox) is an infection transmitted by skin-to-skin contact and causes fever and painful...

Brown Fat’s “Off-Switch” Isn't A New Ozempic Diet Exploit

Brown adipose tissue is different from the white fat around human belly and thighs. Brown fat helps...

Opioid Addicts Are Less Likely To Use Legal Opioids At The End Of Their Lives

With a porous southern border, street fentanyl continues to enter the United States and be purchased...

More Like Lizards: Claim That T. Rex Was As Smart As Monkeys Refuted

A year ago, corporate media promoted the provocative claim that dinosaurs like Tyrannorsaurus rex...

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Our five senses are gathering information at all times. One way our brain sorts the abundance of information is by combining information from two or more senses, such as between smells and the smoothness of textures, or pitch, color, and musical dimensions.

It may be why we began to associate higher temperatures with warmer colors, lower sound pitches with less elevated positions, or colors with the flavor of particular foods. A new paper argues that such unconscious 'crossmodal' associations with our sense of smell can even affect our perception of colors.
A new paper has given a name for long-term symptoms that test negative for COVID-19 - "long colds."

Coronavirus is very similar to the common cold, so similar that coronavirus was not known to be distinct until the 1960s. Most who were infected with SARS-CoV-2 and got COVID-19 experienced symptoms like a cold, but those with co-morbidities or who had severe reactions got more like a super flu, some with devastating effect. Even after recovery, some still report lingering effects, given rise to the term 'long COVID.'
Spending on mental health for teens and younger rose by 26 percent from March 2020 to August 2022 - but it may be even higher because the analysis only saw families with employer-provided insurance from one group, Castlight Health, which managers employer-sponsored health insurance plans for about 200 companies. 
Since the introduction of ‘dual treatment’ drugs, survival rates for men with metastatic prostate cancer have increased by an average of six months, according to National Prostate Cancer Register data of all Swedish men diagnosed between 2008 and 2020.

Dual treatment means that patients receive both standard hormone therapy (GnRH therapy) and chemotherapy or androgen receptor blockers. Research has previously shown that men receiving this treatment live approximately one year longer than those receiving GnRH treatment alone.

The results showed that in 2020 40 percent received dual treatment. The average survival rate among these men increased from 2.7 between 2008 and 2012 to 3.2 years in 2017–2020; equivalent to an increase of about six months.
Today, elites like Robert Downey Jr. virtue signal their wealth by taking pristine older restored cars and paying to have them ripped apart so they run on vegetable oil. In the future, it may mean simply having an air conditioner.
Both Neanderthal and early modern humans used birch tar - the first time in known history that a new material came into use.

Coming up with it is one thing, but finding a way to scale it is more challenging.