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- New release broadens CAE platform for simulation-driven product development

Altair Engineering (, a global provider of technology and services empowering client innovation and decision making, today announced the release of Altair HyperWorks 10.0, an even more powerful version of its popular integrated computer-aided engineering (CAE) software suite. This new release builds upon the breadth of solver solutions and computation speed of RADIOSS, launches several first-to-market design optimization advancements, introduces a new mathematical analysis software technology, and extends its market leadership position in modeling and visualization technologies.

HyperWorks 10.0 lets engineers be engineers, said Altair HyperWorks Vice President Jeffrey M. Brennan. Altair's goal for modeling, analysis and visualization is to bring a high level of automation to these processes, allowing engineers to have more time to study, improve and optimize their designs and apply their problem-solving skills to address today's complex design challenges. From a business perspective, this allows staff resources to invest more time on value-added activities that can have an immediate impact on both efficiency and innovation.

I've been using Altair HyperWorks software since version 7 and the enhancements with every new release have always proven to be very significant, says Suresh Dharmaraj, senior mechanical engineer at Otis Elevator Company. As a beta user of HyperWorks 10, I can make the same claim. When it comes to technical support, I'm very impressed and would rate Altair the best in the industry. I am happy to recommend HyperWorks software to anyone who enquires.

What's new in version 10.0

Faster and Expanded Solver Solutions

RADIOSS 10.0, an implicit and explicit solver technology for linear, nonlinear and crashworthiness problems, delivers an even broader solution scope and new element formulations that enable analyses to be completed up to seven times faster than before. RADIOSS solver advancements include:

- Expanded solutions for noise-vibration-and-harshness (NVH) and heat-transfer analysis - A new fast parabolic tetrahedral element for impact and explicit analyses that improves analysis throughput by up to three times faster without sacrificing results accuracy - New parallelized solutions for linear statics, linear buckling and direct frequency response analyses that increase computational speeds by four to seven times - A new multi-domain analysis algorithm that allows large crash models to be analyzed two to three times faster - New implicit and explicit composites analysis capabilities to support lightweight design initiatives.

Volvo 3P India has been using HyperCrash and RADIOSS for safety analyses on our truck programs since 2005, says Jean-Francois Guglielmo, chief engineer for Volvo 3P India. HyperWorks 10.0 advancements in these technologies will help us achieve greater productivity and benefit our safety simulation process.

MotionSolve 10.0, HyperWorks' modern mechanical system simulation solution, introduces co-simulation capabilities with Simulink control systems and also with DSHplus hydraulic/pneumatic systems by FLUIDON, a HyperWorks Enabled Partner. Co-simulation allows analysis of the coupled interaction between mechanical systems with other systems to better understand system level behavior. Also, with the 10.0 release, MotionSolve now calculates more than 90 different Suspension Design Factors (SDF).

HyperWorks' finite element and motion analysis solvers, RADIOSS and MotionSolve, span the most popular and demanding solution types while delivering benchmarked accuracy, speed and cost-effective scalability that are required today, says Dr. Uwe Schramm, chief technology officer for HyperWorks.

First-to-Market Design Optimization Innovations

With the release of HyperWorks 10.0, Altair continues its industry leadership in design optimization technologies. The suite's optimization products, OptiStruct and HyperStudy, introduce first-to-market structural optimization innovations that include:

- Optimization for combined structural and multi-body dynamics problems - A reliability-based module for design optimization that also provides improved data mining, evaluation and rating modules - Optimization for fatigue life and damage considerations - New acoustic optimization and combined thermal/mechanical optimization

HyperMath - A New Product for Mathematical Analysis

HyperMath is a general purpose numerical computing environment that allows customers to easily develop and perform custom mathematical operations on various types of data, including data associated with CAE pre- and post-processing. This new software technology includes a powerful and flexible programming language, comprehensive math and utility libraries, an integrated code development environment, data visualization and direct support of common data formats. HyperMath seamlessly works with the suite's design optimization and process automation tools, as well as third-party applications with command line support, to provide faster design direction and improved decision making.

Modeling, Morphing and Visualization Advancements

HyperMesh, Altair's flagship product for finite element pre-processing, includes several new algorithms for tetrahedral, hexahedral, mesh flow and mid-surface meshing. In addition to meshing efficiencies, other enhancements include:

- The ability to view one-dimensional elements as 3D objects to visually verify modeling information for accuracy - New multi-directional morphing functionality that allows finite element models to be smoothly morphed or 'fit' to a surface or group of nodes.

HyperMesh is a very important technology to Eaton Aerospace Business, says Christine Stahl, lead analytical engineer at Eaton Aerospace Business. It allows us to create quality meshes of complex parts quickly. We look forward to the upcoming release of HyperWorks 10.0 and the added functionality that it will give our users.

HyperView 10.0 includes visualization speed enhancements and new post-processing capabilities for:

- Polar plots - Advanced super-positioning - Envelope tracing capabilities to quickly identify or locate a significant load step or simulation that contributes to the max, min, or extreme condition

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