LONDON, December 18 /PRNewswire/ -- AUGMENTED reality pioneers Total Immersion have come up trumps with their first ever UK shop front experience at Hugo Boss.

Located at Sloane Square, the 'Black Magic' experience has been created for Hugo Boss by London-based creative agency SimonandJohn in a bid to take window shopping to a whole new level. The installation was produced by UK firm, Crossplatform.

As part of the three week promotional campaign, shoppers can pick up special trigger cards to play a virtual game of blackjack in store for their chance to win up to GBP250 worth of Hugo Boss vouchers.

Myles Peyton of Total Immersion explains: The AR experience was created around the concept of black magic to have synergy with the brand. It uses a deck of cards, which are shuffled to reveal a different card every time a new trigger card is used. Shoppers with the winning card are then able to collect their voucher to spend in store.

AR takes traditional window shopping to a whole new level and is a unique way of increasing footfall and sales within the store, he said. Shop front displays can be gimmicky and uninspiring this time of year, but by giving customers a genuinely exciting brand experience, Hugo Boss are having a real impact.

Part of the 'Black Magic' campaign includes a double page promotion in December week one issue of Stylist and Shortlist magazine, with a high value trigger card for readers to bring in store.

SimonandJohn creative agency, explain: The Stylist and the Shortlist are both fast becoming the UK's biggest free magazines. They are both written by a very impressive editorial team, so we embraced the opportunity to work exclusively with them on this project.

I think it took us all by surprise the overwhelming positive response from their readers. They seem to relish the opportunity to interact with the technology and of course were hugely motivated by the chance of wining.

Some people were so intrigued by the concept that the actual magazine itself could trigger the experience, that they came from North and South London in their lunch breaks to try their luck.

The Black Magic installation is live for three weeks until December 20th, and includes AR displays inside and outside the store, where shoppers can use their trigger cards to view interactive footage of Hugo Boss catwalk shows.

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SOURCE: Total Immersion

CONTACT: For press enquiries, contact Corrina Cockayne on+44(0)7765-404616, or e-mail: