VANTAA, Finland, April 29 /PRNewswire/ --

- Lamor Prevents the Spreading of Aquatic Nuisance Species

Lamor Group, a world leader in oil spill response and environmental technologies with headquarters in Finland, expanded its business operations to new fields of environmental technology by acquiring full ownership of American ballast water treatment manufacturer Hyde Marine, Inc., based in Cleveland Ohio, USA. The acquisition is part of Lamor's growth strategy.

- "Through ownership of Hyde Marine we significantly increase our focus and ability to grow on the global environmental technology market. Hyde Marine is a leader in developing ballast water technologies, and this acquisition gives us an excellent opportunity to expand our environmental technology range," said Rasmus Guldbrand, CEO of Lamor Group.

- "We are most pleased to join Lamor, a strong global leader in the oil spill response market. This merger will greatly enhance Hyde's ability to serve the ballast water treatment market worldwide," explained Tom Mackey, CEO of Hyde Marine, Inc.

Hyde's Ballast Treatment Systems Controlling Aquatic Nuisance Species

It is estimated that about 10 billion tonnes of ballast water are transferred globally each year, potentially transferring from one location to another marine species that may prove ecologically harmful when released into a non-native environment. The International Maritime Organization's (IMO) Ballast Water Management Convention will soon require that all existing or newly built ships have IMO type approved Ballast Water Treatment Systems installed. About 75 000 ships over the next 10 years will need Ballast Water Treatment systems, making it a multi billion dollar market globally.

- "Hyde Marine's Hyde Guardian(TM) Ballast Treatment System protects the maritime environment and efficiently reduces the impact of aquatic nuisance species in new ecosystems," Guldbrand said.

- He added, "The territorial conquest of the latest invasive species in the Baltic Sea, the American comb jelly (Mnemiopsis leidyi) could have been prevented if IMO's global legislation for ballast treatment would have been in force and our ballast treatment system in use."

Hyde Marine has invested significant resources in the development of ballast water technologies designed to enhance the protection of the marine environment. The system is currently undergoing IMO type approval through the UK Maritime & Coastguard Agency (MCA) in cooperation with Lloyds Register.

Lamor Group is a world leader in oil spill response and environmental technologies. The company has a global sales office network and production facilities are located in Finland, the U.S. and Asia. Last year's turnover was 33 million euros.

Hyde Marine, Inc traces its origins back to the Hyde Windlass Company, established in 1865. Hyde is a leading U.S supplier marine machinery and systems, with a focus on technologies targeting ballast water, bilge water, cargo residues, processed sewage and gray water.

Rasmus Guldbrand, CEO, Lamor Group, E-mail: or phone: +358-20-7650-100; Tom Mackey, CEO, Hyde Marine, Inc., E-mail: or phone: +1-440-871-8000, ext 112.

Rasmus Guldbrand, CEO, Lamor Group, E-mail: or phone: +358-20-7650-100; Tom Mackey, CEO, Hyde Marine, Inc., E-mail: or phone: +1-440-871-8000, ext 112