Are you a recently (<8 years) appointed Ph.D. graduate in fundamental physics, who wants to work in Italy? This post is for you. The INFN is opening 20 positions for foreigners who would like to join a group of research in one of the INFN sections (there are 25 across Italy). The positions are for one year, renewable, and the salary is competitive, given that it is roughly at the level of a starting associate professor in Italy. Note, also Ph.D. students who plan to graduate before November 1st 2023 can apply! 

Also, the 8-years limit can be waived if you spent time in maternity, military service, or illness. The winning candidates are expected to start their contract before November 2023.
The call is available at this link. (Also check the original web site at INFN). The deadline for applications is November 15 at 23:59 CET this year.

By reading through the call text, you learn that the selection will be performed based on the following criteria:

1) the candidate's scientific quality, as shown by his/her CV and his/her track record of results achieved;
2) quality and relevance of the submitted scientific publications to be evaluated taking into account the specific research area and the candidate's career stage;
3) qualification of the candidate as attested in the submitted reference letters;
4) the candidate's scientific experience and qualifications with respect to the chosen research topic.

I would like to stress that the winning candidates will have the opportunity to choose which section of INFN to join, and what research program to contribute to. This opens the possibility that you would come and work in Padova in my group, if you are well-versed in machine learning and are interested in developing end-to-end optimization solutions for experiment design - which is the program of research of the MODE collaboration of which I am the scientific coordinator. So, if the above applies to you, drop me a line and let's have a chat about it, and consider sending an application!