The Solar Core is   simultaneously  Collapsing,  and  Jetting.  The most obvious  effect of this phenomena  is the Suns Invariance.   ie.  The Suns  size,   does not vary significantly.   Another way to explain this phenomena,  is that the Solar Cores  Collapse, to  Jetting Ratio   is an extremely  close match.    Eventually,  a quantum shift in these ratios  will occur,    and  this  will cause  the  jets to  exceed the collapse  parameters .   The Sun   will expand,  and become a  Red Giant.   The  main sequence Solar Model   explaines the Red Giant mechanism, as core mass loss.  This is partly correct,  but the core mass loss,   acts to shift ,  and degrade   the collapse   rate,  so the jets , jet faster than the core can collapse, and so  the Sun continues to expand.  You can  observe  this  mechanism in action,  ( Sakuris Object  )  a recently   discovered Red Giant , which  went from the Suns  Size to a diameter of Jupiter  in  a  disturbingly   short time. 
The Solar Core is not the fuzing nutmeg inside a grapefruit as is  generally hypothesised in the standard .   model.   The mechanism is  massively more dynamic. The Core is jets  twin jets,, and they are located on diametrically opposite sides of the Solar Equator.    Here is a most  interesting observation. 
The Solar core is " Inclined at a 7 degree angle to the Ecliptic.    So as  the jets rotate   synchronised with the  cores angular momentum  ,  they each  generate  twin  massive  Spirals  in each hemisphere.

Sunspots  are the surfacing contrails  of the jetted spirals. A close study, of such contrails  will reveal twin   parallel    contrails  from two separate spiral loops.

  Kevin Wilson