Following the earlier discoveries of Hypervelocity Stars (  HVS )   (Warren Brown Harvard cfa et  all ),  massive search programmes  revealed  some 19 HV `s  and  counting,   and more recently  this  search revealed  low mass White Dwarfs.*
The Jetting Black Toroidal Object  hypothesis,  maintains that  jetting  (from the core ) is the universal prime mover, with respect to  blue  and white stars.   Interstellar Coalescing  debris cannot form white or blue stars., only brown or red stars.   Only core jetting of   massive  solar  / stellar  core materiel    together with fuzing plasma, has the capability to  "fire up " a blue  or white star.  
  When Galaxies collide, their  MACHO`s    ie. Massive Compact Halo`s  collide  and precipitate   a starburst galaxy.  A  galactic  halo, is populated  by  MACHO`s, which     do not  regularly collide,  as  there is a  surprising  amount  of space  in the Macho orbital zone. The Jeblato theory  maintains that  Galactic  compact halos, are the product of   early and massive  jetting of core mass.  Following the core mass loss, jetting reverts to lower altitudinal jetting, forming galactic spiral arms.

The discovery of  a low mass dwarf *   with .17 solar mass, would indicate that  this object is a product of a triple triangular collision of black holes,   which  would appear to have possessed  definitively lower mass  M .solar   in the region of   .6 M solar  masses.. This suggests  the source , as possessing the capability  to jet core masses which rapidly morph  to  .6  M  solar spheres, prior to the  triple triangular collision.
    Kevin Wilson