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New Journalism Tool Reveals How Paid Deniers Dominate The Anti-GMO Movement

A year-long Genetic Literacy Project investigation culminating in the rollout of the Anti-GMO Funding...

Can IARC Be Salvaged?

The IARC monograph program on Evaluation of Carcinogenic Risks must be reformed and brought into...

Environmental Working Group, Gary Hirshberg And Organic Activists - All The Influence Money Can Buy

My husband is used to hearing snark about being a lobbyist. As the owner of a lobbying firm in...

There's No Wild Bee Colony Collapse Either

In a dramatic 2013 cover story, Time warned of “A World Without Bees,” subtitled “The...

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By Tabitha M. Powledge, Genetic Literacy Project

Substantia Nigra's dopamine producing cells degrade in Parkinson's disease Credit: Geoff B Hall - Own work. Licensed under Creative Commons via Wikimedia Commons

By Meredith Knight, Genetic Literacy Project