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Gene Editing Can Now Be Done Inside The Body

Crispr-Cas9 genome editing is one of...

The Strange, Shape-Shifting Bubble Around The Solar System

New research, published in Nature Astronomy...

The Genetic Drivers Of Longevity In Mice, Humans And Worms

Since the dawn of civilization, people have searched for the secret to long life....

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Retired geologist and earth scientist, specialising in ore deposits and isotope geochemistry. Before retirement, I led the Australian government's pre-competitive geoscience programs for minerals... Read More »


Creativity occurs whenever novel connections are made, and often, this occurs by accident.

Although neanderthals died out over 40,000 years ago, we are living in an age in which there are more people with their DNA than at any other time in history, with research finding that

The internet creates and propagates data by default. Decades since its development, we now live in the Age of Big Data. From recommendation systems to drug discovery, big data has enabled unprecedented innovations. Yet, the downside of the growth of data, and the shift to digital, is that malware enjoys an exponentially growing attack surface.

The first f

Our planet’s origins and its ancient history has fascinated human beings since the dawn of civilization.