Sports Science

Correlation: Sitting Is Bad For Your Health And Exercise Won't Help

Advances in technology in recent decades have obviated the need and desire for humans to move. Many of the world’s population sit for long periods throughout the day, whether in front of a computer at work or in front of a TV at home. Given that the human ...

Article - The Conversation - Mar 11 2024 - 1:54pm

Plank It: Meta-Analysis Shows Isometric Exercises Help Lower Blood Pressure The Most, By A Lot

Risk factors like salt and sugar intake and high blood pressure for heart attacks and disease need constant rethink if they are going to be more than folk wisdom. Low-salt and sugar-free have too many vested interests to get critical thinking on how valid ...

Article - Hank Campbell - Mar 15 2024 - 8:10am

The Science Of Baseball: What Is The Fastest A Pitcher Can Throw?

Unless you are a true baseball fan, you have probably never heard of Bob Feller.   Maybe you have heard of Nolan Ryan.   They were classic power pitchers.   They threw hard and they threw for strikes. Even if you are a baseball fan, unless you live and bre ...

Article - Hank Campbell - Apr 5 2024 - 8:44am