Can you be charged with murder if you have Monkeypox and spit on someone? How about if you slip some glyphosate into a drink?

You can be charged with anything, the government has an unreasonable amount of power to violate your rights procedurally, but realistically, no. Unless you fall into a vat of glyphosate and drown, it isn't harming you despite what the political science majors at environmental groups claim, and you aren't getting Monkeypox when expectorant goes awry.

Bees may be another issue, if someone can show they have a bee allergy strong enough - not just the anaphylaxis panic that shady companies like Mylan try to instill to get their EpiPens into every store in the world - to be deadly.

Rorie Susan Woods looks exactly like I expected her to look. Credit: Hampden County Sheriff's Office

Police went to a home in Massachusetts for an eviction and then a beekeeper showed up and "released the hounds" on the police. She put on a beekeeping suit, of course, and when she learned three of the officers stung were at risk and had to go to the hospital she said, “Oh, you’re allergic? Good.”

There's compassion for you. She is happy about putting someone's life at risk to defend...a 9,000 square foot, 7 bedroom home valued at over $1.5 million with someone there who doesn't want to pay for it.