Food Tank, run by organic food industry proponent Danielle Nierenberg, says everything you are supposed to say about being non-partisan, but not only do they exclusively virtue signal to one political party, they basically cater to one demographic; rich white women on the coasts.

And that means being opposed to science - except climate change, because it is a disaster narrative and that means something to complain about, and now COVID-19 vaccines, because Republicans were dumb enough to oppose those so Democrats flipped from being 9X more likely to be anti-vax to quietly being anti-Pharma while pretending they are not confused why they suddenly support non-alternative medicine.

Anyway, I have written whole books on how both political parties embrace science only when it matches their agenda, but this dreary bit of colonial pandering made me both laugh and be outraged so I figured I would give a conference exclusively funded by organic industry marketing departments - so wealthy they spend $12,000 per year just to have a special color checkmark on Twitter - some publicity they don't need.