In 2012, you'd have to be crazy to get into the cereal business. The start-up costs are high, margins are low and competitors are gigantic. 

Food scientist Mike Abrams and business partner Chuck Mason think they can make a go of it because they have an edge; caffeine. Cappuccino Crunch is toasted rice flour cereal made with coffee.

Can they market that to kids?  Why not? The Starbucks closest to my office is near both an Intel site and a high school and which do you think has more representation in there?  That's right, the high school.

They say a half-cup serving of their cereal, the normal size on nutrition labels, has the same caffeine in a quarter-cup of coffee. So assume double that amount based on what people actually eat.  But that won't matter, the US cereal business is $11 billion annually and the coffee business is $19 billion. Put them together and it's hard to imagine this failing, provided the taste is not terrible. 

They also offer  Kona, Mocha and Chai Spice flavors.

Maui duo launches coffee-infused cereal by Nanea Kalani, The Maui News