A new District of Columbia (that's Washington, D.C. to those of you outside the Beltway) law is wonderfully progressive regarding the rights of rats.  Since they love to overregulate stuff, it now dictates how pest control people - exterminators - can deal with them.

Sure, you may have believe the only rats are at Occupy DC protests in Freedom Plaza and McPherson Square but some homes get them also.  The new law stipulates that rats can't be killed and must instead be relocated.  Along with their rat families. But rats have to be sent at least 25 miles, say zoologists, or they will find their way back.

Washington, D.C. isn't all that big and that means D.C. is exporting its rats to states, like Virginia.  Virginia Attorney General Ken Cuccinelli is not amused.  Not because the same law applies in Virginia - you can shoot rats with a .50 caliber magnum there if you want - but because "these varmints who, for those who don’t remember their history, carried things like bubonic plague. I mean, these are true vermin.”

As if that's the worst thing to come out of D.C. this year.  I am just happy to be able to make fun of some place besides California for an afternoon.

Cuccinelli Fears D.C. Rats Will Occupy Virginia - Fairfax News