The anti-Occupy Wall Street movement, styling themselves Occupy Occupy D.C., held a rally today at Freedom Plaza to call for a “Cease Fire in Obama's War on Nature.” They came out today to protest “the Obama Administration's new policy to kill the barred owl in deference to the spotted owl in the Pacific Northwest.”

If that makes no sense, welcome to politics.  If you've never witnessed
taxpayer money being spent on lawyers to get around the federal Wilderness Act law in order to comply with the federal Endangered Species Act, you have not been around for long.

The latest goofiness is because of
the Obama administration's plans to start shooting barred owls to protect the northern spotted owl - the pesky bird that killed logging in the Pacific Northwest two decades ago and led to massive wildfires while government lawyers spent taxpayer money in court against other government lawyers over the right to clear brush and dead trees.

"Obama has picked winners and losers when it comes to bailouts, handouts and where we can get our energy. Now he's playing God by favoring one animal over another. What arrogance," said
the director of the Occupy Occupy D.C. movement, David Almasi.