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Last night on PBS's NewsHour, Robert MacNeil answered viewers' questions.

ROBERT MACNEIL: Well, perhaps he's right.
We tried to concentrate on what we thought were urgent issues, urgent problems. And a lot of adults with autism, particularly those who describe themselves as a kind of neurodiversity community, are high-functioning people with autism, who have busy and productive lives in the world, who serve a wonderful purpose of helping the community at large to understand and witness autism and be tolerant of it.

Note: edited 4/26

Having examined PBS's Autism Now in an earlier posting and noting its overall negativity, I'd like to turn to a documentary on autism that I can recommend: Todd Drezner's Loving Lampposts.

The PBS series on autism, Autism Now, has aired all of its segments now. The extended transcripts of interviews are available online, as well.
In Texas, you've no doubt heard, wildfires rage, and hundreds of thousands of acres have been burned. The smoke from nearby fires leave the sky hazy and the smell of it invades lungs and causes coughing. We've been lucky where I live with fires in the neighboring counties, but none here. We've had hot, hot weather with near 100 degree days. 

With all that's going on, it's nice to stop and appreciate the pockets of beauty.

As everyone in the autism community knows all too well, April is Autism Awareness month and a good time to release autism documentaries.