It's been a while. And now I'm back only to say goodbye. Well, not really. It's just that I've decided to go on to a more personal blog at (drumroll, please):   

The Beast, the Bard, and the Bot.

Why? What's wrong with Science 2.0, I hear you ask? Nothing at all. Like I said, I wanted something more personal. It was time to move on. Nevertheless, thank you Science 2.0 (and the people behind it), I enjoyed my time here. My first blogging experiences here were interesting and rewarding in more than one way. 

And a big thank you to everyone who has read one of my posts. Thank you. Also, kudos for whoever has commented. Hopefully, some of my humble writings were interesting...

I'm not quite sure what will happen with this blog. Perhaps I'll leave it as it is, perhaps it will be phased out. I'll see...

Anyway, this needn't be farewell. Feel free to drop by at my new online habitat.