The Russian TV channel STS has recently shown all movies about Rambo. I like the films and Stallone despite of the fact that Rambo, in the 3rd movie, kills Soviet soldiers and officers in Afghanistan. It is exactly the 1st point to stress in this review: in Soviet movies, we did never kill Americans. We did never sang songs like Joan Baez did: "...I learned to hate Russians all through my whole life".
Still I like the movies in general because the time when they were manufactured is my youth. And, the idea of the 1st Rambo is absolutely acceptable by mine: human virtue. And, thirdly, these were the times when the world had a chance. That chance was humanistic civilization of USSR. Having USSR in competitors, the US could move to be reformed in humanistic way. Together with scientific and technological power of US, Americans could follow us Russians to build a better planet.

The second point is the result of war. Soviets have built 60 large industry, education, health and infrastructure objects in Afghanistan - including the Kabul airport that US troops currently expoit. USA has recently said that they will not prevent drug production in Afghanistan. They said that the peasants are so poor that US cannot remove the basis of survival for these people.

This is the total fiasco of American civilization. And - the fiasco of the Humanity at all. I am leaving to read "The tree in the center of Kabul" by Alexander Prokhanov (1982) about Russian tractors marching to Afghan South under the defence of Soviet troops.Бадабер