What happens when the pet owners refuse to take the responsibility of the animals litter?

They are either turned outdoors as strays or sold back to the pet dealers and puppy mills where they are resold or exterminated. Over 25 million pets in the U.S, alone become homeless, of which 27 % are pure breds as per the earthlings movie.http://video.google.com/videoplay?docid=7584730387826688635 Of this 9 million die out of disease, starvations or accidents, while 16 million are exterminated legally as humans have no use for the excess animal population.

Hitler’s Gas chamber deaths are the most popular for mass elimination of pets and the commonly used option as they are less expensive. Here the animals are herded together and administered cyanide or other toxic gasses that takes 20 minutes to kill them after a painful nerve wracking struggle with asphyxiation. Euthanasia, an alternative and less painful death process, where dogs are administered an injection in the leg and cats in the stomach account for 60,000 animal deaths a day in U.S. alone. This being a more expensive solution for death is not so extensively in use.

The earthlings movie http://video.google.com/videoplay?docid=7584730387826688635 is so horrific that most of the urban, educated and highly sensitive human population will not be able to witness the ghastly truth behind the breeding and extermination of animals , including the pets we adore, for human benefit. While we will close our eyes to their misery we continue to crave for there companionship and help grow the mega markets that are behind this spiraling spiciest crimes. The word speciest is for humans who believe in the glory and supremacy of  mankind over other species, and is used like more commonly known terms like racist or sexist. to  Our intention of blogging on the subject is to make you read what you fear to watch, to tweet your mind and arouse your social consciousness through the new media . We believe that this may perhaps help promote sustainable practices in this skewed world where all earthlings and plant life must co-exist with equal rights.
Our questions to YOU as a pet lover is

•Are pets our slaves? See earthlings movie http://bit.ly/u3FG5 and decide.

•Do you know that 180 million pets worldwide are bred in puppy mills annually?

•Are you aware of the life of your pet at the wholesale breeding centers? Watch to discover http://bit.ly/u3FG5

•Do you know that your need for animals as companions has created a $ 2.2 billion animal sale wholesale market in US alone.

•When you refuse to take responsibility of your pets descendants you are pushing them to gas chambers http://bit.ly/u3FG5

•71 million households have pets. Only 0.5 % wants descendants.

•62% households have pets today against 56% in 1988. More demand, more breeding, more gas chambers. Trendy?

• 25 million pets are killed each year due to demand and supply economics?

• 27 % of purebreds are exterminated annually as they are excess stock&have no homes http://bit.ly/u3FG5

•9 million homeless pets die each yr due to starvation, disease and accidents?

•16 million pets are legally killed each year by euthanasia or gas chamber. See the earthlings movie http://bit.ly/u3FG5

•Do all species have an equal right to live and die naturally?
Must they service man’s demands&perish. http://bit.ly/u3FG5

THIS IS THE FIRST OF THE SERIES " HOW HUMANS ABUSE THE PLANET & ITS SPECIES" and is dedicated to the Earthlings movie. There will be others in the series on animal abuse subsequently.

In our blog  from “ecology to economy” www.ecothust.blogspot.com we deal with discussing sustainable practices in economy and ecology . We could be wrong. Tell us if we are & why? We encourage diverse opinion even if it is from commercially interested groups opposed to our thinking