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       Motivation for Majorana Neutrinos from Special Empirical Hierarchies

                                                                                                                                                                                                                   From semi-empirical analysis of known experimental data on Standard Model particle two-component mass hierarchies a new special hierarchy motivation follows for Majorana type neutrinos.

     By SM empirical data, the number of independent two-component mass hierarchies of the Dirac particle charged leptons and up- and down- quarks is equal two, e.g. for charged leptons mmuon/melectron and m tau/mmuon , while that number for neutrino mass hierarchies at leading approximation ∆m2sol/∆m2atm = 0 is equal one. Note that at bimaximal approximation there is also only one nontrivial neutrino mixing angle hierarchy. We suggested that the SM particle hierarchies are of fundamental nature related to euclidean metric of 3-space via the observed Pythagorean equation, and so the origin of those different numbers is likely determined by the elementary particle fundamental  mass types. It means neutrinos should be of Majorana nature as the other known possibility in contrast to Dirac one. 



[1] Emmanuel Lipmanov, Science 2.0 Blog “Neutrino hierarchies are special”.        



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