It seems that every time I open the newspaper there is something awful happening in the world, pollution being the least of our worries. But can the world stand us? Can we continue to break ecosystems with the expectation that our mitigation will be sufficient? My guess is that while the world is resilient there is little we can do to prevent our own demise. Maybe this is another case of the sky is falling but if it isn't then what do we do?
Every scientist in the world, working in their tiny corner, contributing their little bit to improving our  understanding of Earth, isn't enough to stop the destruction brought on by extractive practices. I am NOT a radical environmentalist rather more of a pragmatist. You can't take 100% of an areas minerals, reroute mountain streams, poison millions of birds and not expect terrible consequences.

When will we learn and will it be too late? I have faith that humans are able to adapt, but there are so many delicate species, the survival of which is integral to our own, disappearing daily not as a result of evolution but rather as a result of our actions, that I can't see a quick, easy, or cheap fix.

Given that everything takes so d@mn long and I really believe we are at a nexus, I have a difficult time believing that we can fix the problems we created before the world becomes inhospitable for us. Feel otherwise? Let me know, I want the good news.