I wrote some time back of bad quality water causing soil damage. Hinduatan Times (02.05.2012 confirms the same with findings placed at highest level.

Ground water pockets in 158 out of 639 districts have gone saline. I may add at this point that as we go deeper in drilling in soil crusts we encounter exposed rocks which add salinity and heavy metals to ground water. Moreover, in Nagaur district of Rajasthan two wells dug at close distances of 100 m can show good or bad quality water.

In 267 districts, ground water contains excess of fluoride, in 385 nitrates. 53 districts show arsenic and 63 districts contain heavy metals such as lead , chromium and cadmium. East Delhi water contains chromium.

Excessive fertilization to the soil is leading to nitrate levels going dangerous in ground water. Notwithstanding the industrial wastes being discharged in river system and dying industry of Sanganer and allover India adding xenobiotics to the soil and water, the situation is alarming.

  Heavy metals cause delayed physical and mental development, kidney problems, high blood pressure in adults and, if I may add, cancers too. Breast cancers in India have increased to  alarming proportions. Some time ago there was found an average increase in blood pressure levels in India. Does it all correlate with the water pollution systems ? What steps are we contemplating to mitigate pollution levels? Making one more authority or board is no solution.

Acting fast before the situation gets out of control is the only solution left. Finding microbes and carrying out biodegradation of pollution-causing chemicals and compounds is one method. There are plants which can remove salinity from soil. Crop rotation and cultural practices, waste water recycling could be another method.

No one person or one method can solve this problem which is local in nature but has global implications on human health and well being of the mother earth only planet known to support human life: our life.