Sitopaladi churna is an ayurvedic medicine for cough and cold and sneezing nose. A little portion of it is mixed with honey in tea spoon and taken with milk . It is reported to cure cold. It contains Tavak 1 part, small cardamom two parts, Pippali 4 parts, Vansaha lochan 8 parts, Iksu sarkara 16 parts. Its is used as expoctorent. One  tea spoon full ( Take aprrox 1 to  2 gm of churna and fill the rest with honey in table spoon)   twice a day with honey followed by milk. 

Now the question is to decipher the common names in to botanical names, identify the ingredients and test their chemical activity one by one . A bigger challenge will be to obtain the products in their pure form  and in correct season and location. I will try to find out more but if  it will be proved to have a scientific basis for cure of running nose may be it will help millions who have running nose in winter season all over Europe and temperate climate.