If you have developed  cough and cold  and asthamatic symptoms due to excessive exposure to differing temperatures and from dust allergies . If you have tried  allopathic medicines and they have helped  you  cure some part of it but some part of it  still continues.  One can try this traditional remedy with some modifications made by me   (   However one should confirm that one does not have pathological infection in chest as per x ray reports and doctors advice) Once  it is  confirmed that   there is no other chest problem one can try this formulae 
If you trust in traditional medicine just try this out and tell if it helps . 
1. Take two cups of water and boil it
1. Add to it black pepper ( grinded) 
2. 3 to 5  clove buds ( Long) 
3. small piece of Zinger cut into pieces and crushed.
4. two pieces of cardamom
5. half teaspoon full of Foeniculum vulgare ( Saunf) 
add all of the above in boiling water and let the water   boil for 3 to 5 minutes more .

add tea leaves to it and let it boil for some more time and it is ready to drink or if you so desire 
:add some milk and sugar  to this  as per your taste ,

This mixture of tea and some ingredients when taken warm can relive the patients from cough , reduced coughing and reduce asthmatic effect. 

Drink it at the bed time in the evening and one time in the morning

Follow advice of your doctor on all matters.