Zinziber officinale Rose or  Ginger  used in large number of Ayurvedic formulations is good for digestive power.

Family     Zinziberaceae<?xml:namespace prefix = o ns = "urn:schemas-microsoft-com:office:office" />

Used Part    Dry Rhizome

Distribution Area   Cultivated throughout <?xml:namespace prefix = st1 ns = "urn:schemas-microsoft-com:office:smarttags" />India; run wild in the Westernghats in south India

Common Uses .  Dry rhizome is useful in Asthama, cough, and cold, dyspepsia, urticaria, loss of apetite,piles and sciatica.  It is used in very large number of Ayurvedic formulations. Important ones are: Lavana  Bhaskara churna; Sudarshan churna; Amritarsishta; Gokshurpadiguggulu; Trikatu.  The rhizomes promote   digestive power. Cleanses the throat and tongue and is useful in cardiac  disorders.

Ginger is used externally to restore blood circulation and colour.   It forms an ingredient of ayrvedic drugs like : Anand Bhairav ras, Panchole, Kalasakadi Kasaya etc.  Oral administration checks gastric ulders ginger is valued in medicine as a carminative and stimulant  to the gastro-intestinal tract.  It is much in vogue as a household remedy for flatulance and colic.  An extract of ginger is used as an adjuvent to many tonic and stimulating remedies.  Externally ginger is used as a local stimulant and rubifacient.


Pharmacological Effect  Rhizome  extract bring about a constant  fall in serum sodium levels with a consistent  increase in  urinary sodium levels.   Ginger taken as fresh , dried powder or a mixture enhances integrity of capillary cells and stimulates peripheral flow in rheumatoid arthritis patients.  Aromatic extracts of Ginger has been found to stimulate the vasomotor  and respiratory centers  of anaesthetized  cats; they also stimulate the heart. Ginger is reported to contain anti histamaminic factor.  It is included among anti-depressant and it forms an ingredient of some anti-narcotic preparations. Oral administration of fresh Ginger or its extracts are prescribed for treating various types of gastric ulcers.  It enhanced secretion of bile and decreased gastric secretions. 

Others The  homeopathic drug Zinziber officinale is used for treating asthama.  It is  also used  in the Unani system of medicine and forms ingredient of drugs like Jawarish-kamuni/ Majoori-khubs-ul-hadeed, Majoori-e-Falsafa.