The Social Psychology of Magic, Philosophy and Science in the Early Modern Age

If you catch anyone at the right moment, after having experienced something extraordinarily wonderful...

The Paradoxical Social Psychology of the Deep State Swamp

Suddenly, since the beginning of the Trump administration, there has been a shift, a perceptible...

The Social Psychology of Immigration: The True Story of the Strong Immigrant and the Weak Immigrant

An unbelievable story, breaks your heart, blows your mind, tells the unexpected truth about all...

The Art Of Great Writing

I was not supposed to start this piece using the pronoun ‘I’. ...

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Bio Ph.D. (1992) in social psychology, from the sociology department at Indiana University, where I was a NIMH-funded pre-doc and a post-doctoral fellow in research measurement. My area of specialization... Read More »


Imagine that there is a discovery by one of us humans allowing the full-blown creation of holographic simulations in which whole lives are born, live, and die – but all without self-awareness. They have no real meaningful perception of the world. They simulate sentience, yet they do not really have self-awareness, they just act and talk like they do, going through the motions with robotic design perfection - but, it is all cartoon stuff.

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Thanks to Padre for pointing out that there can only be a Dark Triad of sadism, psychopathy, and Machiavellianism because a tetrad implies four.

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In the spring, the alpha wolf sits high on a ledge looking out over the young wolf pups as they play and get socialized by the older wolves. When an older wolf humiliates a young wolf pup, the appropriate response is for the wolf pup to put their tale between their legs and run away. It’s all about respect. However, every once in a while, there is a pup who will not play the game according to the rules of the social group. What happens? The alpha wolf will summarily kill the young pup.

Psychology studies the individual, and sociology studies the group. Social psychology studies the relation between the individual and the group, and for me that’s where all the action is. I study perception and the subjective organization of meaning ...

If I asked you to call 1,000 people today and screen each person for 1 minute in the hopes that 500 of them would agree to participate in an upcoming survey, you could not do it. If you spent 60 seconds making 1,000 calls it would take over 16 hours, without a break.