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There is no correct moral theory. All morality is politics. People do not act on the basis of morality. Everybody does everything they do for the most meaningful reason at the time. If an act may be judged as moral, so much the better. But, if an act cannot be judged as moral, and if it is meaningful enough to a person to do it, and if it seems like a good idea at the time, then it will be done. Morality is just political correctness masquerading as the right thing to do – at the time. However, the social psychology of the individual will always weigh the political correctness of an act against the meaningfulness of the act, and proceed accordingly. Yet, the point is none of us do what we do because we want to be moral authorities.

I never meant for it to happen. I had absolutely no idea when I took down my own professional websites nearly a year ago, and when I erased all of my LinkedIn profile, and changed the name on it to Al Smith, 6 months ago, that I was, in fact, executing the conditions for a controlled experiment, which would reveal that LinkedIn sends out fake messages from corporate to its members, in order to manipulate and deceive people into thinking they have been contacted by professional people interested in networking with them.

They say two people can’t see the same mirage. I wonder who the hell started saying that? 

There are several reasons I could never be a political pundit. Much less one of the ilk of Charles Krauthammer, who has earned the respect of everyone, even those who do not like him very much. To be a political pundit of that grade, cast in the mold of Krauthammer, one must be an intellectual product of the eastern establishment, have a lust for analyzing baseball, and be able to take a strong ideological stance in an argument about politics, which goes beyond any normal person’s ability to win or even finish the argument because it requires real knowledge of the philosophy and history of ideology, which no normal person possesses.

Today’s affirmative action professoriate like to talk as though they own the moral high ground because they are not white men. It’s a big act. Even before the affirmative action professoriate came into being, the academic study of ethics and morality was suspect. To this day, when any scholar of ethics publishes a study exploring why people cheat, they tend to do the same things. Keep in mind, that for professors today in this climate of politically correct hysteria, ethics is a hot topic, and it is a fave topic when it comes to teaching undergrads.

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