#1. The Democrat Party Will Become the Party of Angry Black People

When Obama came along, he brought with him a new ideology: the Democrat Party would now be the party of Black people who are unhappy about being Black in America. No, Obama himself was not an overtly angry Black person. On the surface, he was ‘no drama Obama’. But, underneath that cool exterior lay a decidedly passive-aggressive university professor who ardently believed all the same things that all Black American university professors believe nowadays about white people, their colonial ways, and the unending guilt-trip for slavery, which they so richly deserve. Let me explain, for the sake of any white people who still have no clue, and anyone else who might care.

The Democrat Party was the party of the little guy throughout the 20th century, which translated first and foremost to the mostly white working class and middle class guy who was just a working joe. For example, if you were being abused by power elites as a factory worker, then you needed union protection for your rights and your pay, and you needed all the support that you could get from your government to keep from being abused in the workforce. There was a long chapter of American history dedicated to getting labor rights for white union workers, though all this is long forgotten nowadays. So, if you were a working class, labor union member, then you were always a Democrat. After all, the Republicans were always the party of big business.MIchelle obama 2016 exit interview with Oprah

As the manufacturing base began to wane in the 80s and 90s, the plight of the marginalized, abused, little guy resonated more and more with an angry Black electorate that had come of age in the civil rights movement, in the 60s and 70s, and now they were ready to take the voice of disaffected, marginalized Black people to the next generation of messaging and ideological development. The affirmative action infiltration of the professoriate in higher education since the 1990s gave angry Black people a base from which to promulgate, sermonize, preach, evangelize, and plot their political future.

However, Black people who are unhappy about being Black in America have one very big problem.

They do not qualify for First Nations status, so they cannot bandwagon with the First Nations movement, which was spearheaded by the United Nations, as are nearly all liberal ideological movements and policies. In other words, angry Black people and Native Americans become oddly silent when they confront one another. When Franz Fanon suggested the colonized peoples of the world had been psychically and economically disemboweled by colonialism, and for that they deserved reparations, it was surely an anthem for the anti-colonial, reparations-for-First-Nations movement that is alive and kicking the world over. However, ironically, though they despise the white man for colonizing the US and enslaving their ancestors in the process, Black people in America still have no claim to First Nations reparations. Therefore, angry Blacks were forced to put their political future in a different direction.

The First Nations people of Canada, for example, opened with a civil rights movement, and since then they have been playing to an endgame for reparations. Unlike First Nations people around the world, the Blacks in the US decided they had no choice but to emerge from their civil rights movement opening game, and proceed directly into an all-out king’s side attack. If you do not play chess, that means they decided to go for broke and take over the country. And if you do not know what the term First Nations people means, then you are clearly from America.  Angry Black people in the Democrat Party, who head up the liberal movement today in the US, no longer want civil rights and they have no interest in receiving compassion, understanding, or reparations – they want the whole country - outright. That is why Michelle Obama said we now know what it is like to live without hope. She meant that Black politics in America had hope of taking over the country for 8 years, and now that hope is gone – at least for the time being.


#2. Chris Christie will be named independent prosecutor against Hillary Clinton et al.

Chris Christie immortalized himself when he told Marco Rubio in that Republican Presidential Primary debate that he was a mechanized, talking-Judy-doll, who kept saying the same things over and over again, because that was all he had been programmed to say. Rubio’s infamous response was to begin repeating himself over and over again on camera, in front of God and the whole nation. Ever since then, there have been rumors about signs of Christie’s demise.

However, these are only rumors. The only two signs that have been given off since last summer 2016 regarding Christie are these: (a) Trump held a dinner for donors in Christie’s honor, just to pay off Christie’s campaign debt; and Trump has not done that for anyone else – witness poor Mike Huckabee still lamenting his campaign debt on national TV; and (b) one day in December 2016, the gaggle of reporters convened at the lobby of Trump Tower suddenly announced that Chris Christie hadChris Christie debates Marco Rubio just left.

So what?

The so what is that they had not seen him enter. The meaning of this symbolic exit is that Chris Christie has great respect and a front row seat for the inside track on Trump’s administration, and none of his intended mission at this point is open to public scrutiny. Many people have counted Christie among the Trump-campaign-insiders-turned-Trump-administration-friendly-satellites like Newt Gingrich and Mike Huckabee.

Not so fast, Quicksdraw.

No one has heard a definitive word from Christie, he was not a campaign surrogate like Gingrich and Huckabee, he was never caught up in the revolving door of the Trump campaign. He has been saved for later, shelved, put on the back burner, call it what you want, but when the genie is let out of the bottle, and when he is sicced on Clinton et al., there will be many who think Trump merely saved the best for last. In other words, the last vestige of the Trump 2015-16 Presidential campaign proper will take place when Christie rears his head and announces he’s back, just like Arnold Schwarzenegger. The difference is Schwarzenegger is hosting a reality game show, and Christie will be hosting the exact opposite – the most elaborate degradation ceremony in American political history.


#3. Global Endgame: Planetary Natural Resources

Although intelligent, sophisticated liberals like to think of themselves as intelligent, sophisticated people, they have been missing the boat for a long time. While Democrats, and liberals all over the world, have been fawning all over the climate change movement as if they have cornered the market on intelligence, morality, and propriety, the truth has masqueraded itself in darkness – and no one seems to have a clue.

The endgame of globalism is not to stop climate change or have a borderless world of multiculturalism where everybody is beautiful and everyone is the same. The endgame of globalism is to own the natural resources of the Earth. The run on the entire planet’s natural resources has already begun, it is being auctioned off as we speak, and the highest bidder was not elected, was not suspected, and is as anonymous as a thief in the night.Syrian Refugees

Case in point: the Middle East. Liberals think the endgame for the Middle East is peace on earth. Guess again. Liberals actually believe if we can only just find a way to all get along, then we can have peace among all people on earth and a global economy. That means you could use your credit card anywhere on the planet – what a cozy thing that would be.

Meanwhile, millions of people were systematically run out of Northern Africa and the Middle East over the last few years, and no one in the west seemed to get it.

It was not even noticed until they came stampeding into Europe in droves of angry young Arabic/Islamic/Syrian men, who must have trampled a lot of women and children under foot to have outnumbered them so greatly at the exile waystations. At that point, we were all encouraged to become humanitarian, liberal, saintly people who just wanted to help all the poor people of Syria. But, this migration goes deeper and farther back than Syria. It goes back to Eritrea, which is a country no American even knows exists, because it is so small it is never even shown on the map, where it lies just across the waters from Saudi Arabia and Yemen.

When Americans hear about such disasters, they immediately of think two things: (a) how can we start a charity fund drive with a concert and a song to save these poor people, and (b) how can we help them have democracy and human rights so they can all become like we are?

We do not have a *^&^* clue.

More and more, when we talk about reasons for these people having turmoil we actually find ways to blame it all on climate change. We think climate change is the beginning of all problems and offers the solution to them as well.

But, climate change is just another green-save-the-earth denomination of the Church of Restorative Liberal Justice, which is run by liberal ninnies all over the world who think that their vision of One Nice Earth is the only Truth.

Yet, the truth is that for all the climate change and human rights pomposity exhaled by the Left, the phenomena of human trafficking runs rampant and unchecked all around the world, and no one really cares. Chances are, some of the same upper class white people in Canada who think they are more sophisticated than Donald Trump, also pride themselves in having, cheap, undocumented live-in maids and nannies from Asia. Chances are, some of the same American liberals who think climate change started the migration to Europe and solving climate change will resolve the problem, also believe that inclusion means including everyone except white people, and freedom of religion means freedom from Christianity in public to the glorification of Islam and Satanism.

 Newsflash: you know how a magician will deflect attention away from where he is deceiving the audience, and he will distract the audience’s attention by promoting a flourish of activity away from the hidden action? In the same fashion, the global power elites are right now partitioning and auctioning off the natural resources of the planet itself, and they have very little concern for the people on it. They will leave all of those concerns to you – the little people. While they have you splitting frog hairs arguing about human rights and First Nations versus colonized versus Black descendants of slaves, and what is right and who is wrong, the real action is taking place right under our noses and no one seems to realize it.

The Middle East is being cleared out. No one cares about the Middle East, and no one cares about the people of the Middle East. The leaders of the Middle East do not even care about the Middle East or the people in it. Do you think I am crazy? People do not blow themselves up for a cause unless they are desperate. When was the last time anyone in the Middle East acted like they really cared about anybody? They are all about politics and power. Their leaders are driving their own people out of the Middle East thinking that now their people become the problem of the white devil in Europe and America – the same colonial bastards who always thought they were better than everybody, will now be left to clean up the mess from their colonialism as they struggle to make it up to all the darker-skinned people who hate them.

Meanwhile, back in the Middle East, soon there will be no one left. That means all the oil and natural resources will have been co-opted by the few powerful enough to orchestrate the maneuvers. That is why we would not bomb the oil reserves that ISIS controlled – we would rather let ISIS live than kill the oil reserves. Running everyone out of Syria and appropriating all the oil reserves is the whole point – that is the endgame – people are expensive, just get rid of them and keep the oil.

Africa is already following suit. Who cares about the people of Africa? Just like the Middle East, the leaders of Africa do not care about the African people. African Americans do not even care about African Africans. Who really wants to go to Africa? Soon, more and more will come pouring out of Africa riding the same bandwagon and singing the same liberal tune. Just like the Germans receiving the Syrian refugees in 2016, white liberals in Europe and America will clamor to welcome these people with outstretched arms, in order to assuage their own self-inflicted guilt for having white ancestors. Yet, this is merely a distraction from the main event.

The endgame of globalism has little to do with you or anything you care about. The endgame of globalism is to own all the natural resources of the planet.

When the dust settles, we will all see who has won. And, it will have nothing to do with climate change, Left and Right, right and wrong, or who was a slave when, who’s who, and who screwed whom way back when …

#4. USA and Russia will Become Allies

I could make this a long dissertation, but I will go the short route this time. There is one fundamental reason this will happen, and everything else follows suit accordingly. When two alpha wolves meet, or when two alpha chimps meet, people assume a big fight will ensue. However, when two alpha males meet, exactly what happens?

They do not immediately fight with one another. What happens when two alpha males meet is that they immediately become friends. Each of them ruled over their prospective tribes, and upon meeting, they immediately embrace and become thick as thieves – they become fast friends. And now they both rule over both tribes.US and Russia will Become Allies

This is simple socio-logic or the social psychology of power – this is the alchemy that will occur when the two strongest alpha world-leaders meet. Add to this meeting of the alpha minds an elixir of white-man-hating anger from liberals all over America and Europe, and what do you get? You get a marriage made in heaven. The single greatest panacea for a nation of angry Black people that hate America and want to own it so they can remake it in their own image - and think it is their God-given right to do so – might be a US partnership with the original Great White North, the home of the Vikings, Mother Russia.

In fact, after having the temerity to run the world colonizing, imperializing, and power mongering for so many years, only to find it all barely worth the effort, why in the world - name one reason - Trump and Putin would not forge a friendship in the fires of white alpha male brotherhood and send a message to the Chinese, and the Iranians, and liberals everywhere including all the angry Black people in America waiting to have the country handed over to them?

#5. North Korea Goes into Tailspin, China Takes Over

Kim Jong Un is a laughing stock, and serves no worldly function any longer to his masters. His masters, of course, are the Chinese. The key to the desperate situation of the North Koreans is to understand that North Korea is the only country left on the planet without a central bank. Now, a garden-variety, globalist, conspiracy thinker would claim that North Korea is at the top of the list of things to do on the international scene for this reason. Witness, the fawning over Iran and Cuba by Obama in order to court both of them into the good graces of receiving their own central banks. That is exactly why Obama gave up everything but the goose that laid the golden eggs to both the Iranians and the Cubans – neither of which even respect him or like him for doing it.N Korea with Kim Jong Un is Out

However, I propose the key to the power of the international banking and finance system, run from the headquarters Bank for International Settlements in Switzerland, is to own the international connections between national financing systems. Therefore, when there is only one bank left on the world stage without a central bank, the central bankers have already won – like a checkmate in chess wins without actually killing the king.

That means now North Korea is utterly useless and utterly embarrassing – to everyone. At the same time, there is the annoying politics between China and the world – the one China policy - that everyone has to kowtow to for some ancient Chinese reason. Now, comes an opening in the new world order – the real new world order. The US and Russia become allies, and at that point the world is their oyster. The most peaceful way to assuage China, and save face for all the international acts of disrespect blah blah blah, is the following.

China gets North Korea. It will be worked out quickly: China will liberate North Korea.

In exchange, satellite nations of China who have lived in fear of their lives under the one China policy will be released from bondage. This means Taiwan, Japan, the Philippines, and Tibet will no longer have to walk on eggshells around China. The Dalai Lama, for example, has been a marked man for decades, marked for death by the Chinese, and that is why the world has claimed him as a symbol of spirituality and human rights – the one China policy has been a monstrous policy.

So, what will entreat the Chinese to give up their precious one China policy?

China will pivot in the name of a new Big China policy.

The new international policy – approved by Russia, the US, and China at the by-now-barely- significant UN – will cast China as the biggest nation among the nations of the world, looked up to as a big brother by the nations of the world, and now everyone will sing the praises of Big China forever and ever. Did I forget to mention that China also gets all the Africa it can eat? That part will be off the record, and of course the US and Russia will get parts of Africa, too, but surely the spoils of the planet will be relatively easy to split up considering they are being split among three superpowers, and if one of these superpowers does not like how things are being split up, then they will be summarily squashed like a bug by the US and Russia.

Conclusion: Happy New Year 2017!

In conclusion, I will revisit these predictions one year from now, evaluate them, and make some new predictions for the coming year. And until then …

Happy New Year 2017!

 ~The End~

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