Clamps are miniature equivalents to the gravitational shock fronts caused by colliding black holes that currently reach the press because very sensitive measuring equipment such as LIGO can detect these fronts when they pass the sensor. During travel, these fronts keep their shape, but the height diminishes as 1/r as a function of the distance r to the trigger location. The result is temporary, and the front integrates into the Green’s function of the vibrating field. Thus, the spherical shock front deforms its carrier. Having mass is synonym to having the capability to deform its carrier. That vibrating field is our living space. Where a huge explosion triggers the front that passed the LIGO sensor, are clamps triggered by a point-like artifact. The effect is correspondingly smaller, and no instrument can ever measure the effect of a single clamp. However, mechanisms recurrently regenerate the clamps in dense and coherent swarms that contain an enormous number of trigger locations. The result is that sensitive measuring equipment can detect such swarms. Stochastic processes continuously generate these swarms that become detectable as elementary particles. The processes ensure that the swarms move coherently as single objects. A smooth location density distribution describes the swarm. The Green’s function blurs this distribution such that the vibrating field deforms with a gravitation potential that equals the convolution of the location density distribution and the Green’s function. If the location density distribution is a 3D normal distribution, then the gravitation potential equals ERF(r)/r. This function describes a very smooth bump in our living space! The location density distribution equals the squared modulus of the wavefunction of the elementary particle. For a normal distribution, it has the shape of a Gaussian function.

Shock fronts are not waves, and they are no wave packages, They do not feature a frequency, and during travel, shock fronts do not disperse. They do not require a waveguide. So "shock wave" and "gravitational wave" are misnomers.

Clamps are candidates for the explanation of dark matter.

Rediscovered Dark Quanta