LONDON, January 28 /PRNewswire/ -- Environmental awareness is becoming the hottest fashion of the 21st Century and this year is set to reveal many green technology products and accessories.

The challenge for manufacturers is how to make products look good but stay green and within budget. Adapt Mobile, a leading supplier of high quality mobile accessories, has achieved this by creating the first ever range of Adapt Eco Cases for smartphones and laptops made from cork.

By using cork to create Adapt Eco Cases the company is not only using renewable materials but is also helping protect the ecosystems which cork oak trees help preserve. In recent years many cork oak trees have been under-maintained, especially since the wine industry switched 90% of its corking production to plastic, resulting in the devastation of entire eco systems. Adapt-Mobile Ltd is looking to help redress the balance and is working in partnership with Trees for Cities, an independent charity working to enrich biodiversity, create social cohesion, and beautify cities through community tree planting, education and training initiatives in urban areas.

By purchasing Adapt Eco Cases consumers can create a demand for corkwood thereby supporting the ecosystems cork grows in. In addition, Adapt-Mobile are donating $0.55 from every Eco Case sold and are aiming to plant over 900 trees by 2011!

The cases are also stylish and leather-like in appearance, touch and durability and provide a much more eco-friendly solution to protecting your smartphone or laptop. As well as being good for vegetarians the natural protective properties of cork also make the cases both heat and water resistant.

The company has taken every measure to ensure the product stays green through its production and packaging.

- Production: Eco cases built around a cotton core instead of plastic inner material. Hand stitched together. - Colouring : Harmless water based non-toxic degradable paint is used - Packaging: Eco friendly recycled kraft paper. No plastic used during transport or manufacturing.

The Adapt Eco case is available for all types of mobile handsets, including the most popular, Nokia, iPHONE 3G/S, HTC, Blackberry and many more.

Laptop sleeves are available in variable sizes ranging from 7 to 18 inches.

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CONTACT: Journalists wishing to review a sample of the new Adapt Eco Caseplease email or contact Jack Hampson, Adapt-MobileLtd, No 1 Liverpool St, London, EC2M 7QD, UK, +44(0)207-956-2119. Preferredcontact by email.