ORLANDO, Florida, July 14 -- The Aircraft Fleet Recycling Association (AFRA) is
delighted to announce that Evergreen Trade Inc. is the latest company to receive
its prestigious Best Management Practice (BMP) audited accreditation for its
aircraft disassembly and parts and materials recycling operations.

Evergreen Trade Inc. is one of the leading aircraft disassembly companies in
the US, having purchased, sold and dismantled more that 1600 aircraft, in its 47
year history.

Mike Hines, Executive President of Evergreen Trade Inc., says his company
actively sought AFRA accreditation, Because it informs others in the aviation
industry that we stand for integrity, environmental responsibility, and all the
Best Management Practices’ incorporated within the accreditation process
and promoted by AFRA.

Evergreen Trade Inc. expects that the additional layer of expertise AFRA
accreditation brings will be a valuable asset in its business promotion. Hines
notes: As environmental consciousness continues to rise throughout the aviation
aftermarket sector, environmental stewardship is increasingly becoming a
valuable consideration in contract negotiations. The AFRA accreditation process
assures us that we are on track to meeting these requirements.

Version 2.0 of AFRA’s Best Management Practice (BMP) Guide was launched
in May of this year. It is increasingly viewed as the industry standard for the
disassembly of aircraft engines and airframes. The BMP Guide enhances safety
developments throughout the supply chain by encouraging aircraft disassemblers
or asset owners to proactively discover whether an aircraft or aircraft part has
been involved in an airworthiness event involving unusual heat, stress or
abnormal environmental conditions.

AFRA Executive Director and General Manager, Chateauroux Air Centre, Martin
Fraissignes is happy that such a major and distinguished aircraft disassembly
company such Evergreen Trade Inc. recognizes both the environmental and
commercial value of engaging in the AFRA accreditation process. This latest
accreditation offers further proof that AFRA is recognised as the leading global
industry association dedicated to pursuing and promoting environmental best
practice, regulatory excellence and sustainable developments in aircraft

AFRA is the first and only not-for-profit association whose members’
business centres on the ageing commercial aircraft industry. AFRA’s
efforts encourage greater collaboration between organisations and companies
focused in this market sector, promoting environmentally responsible management
of end-of-life aircraft.

AFRA currently has 41 members and has grown by more than threefold since being
established in 2006. The members of AFRA have many years of combined aircraft
recycling experience. AFRA members have dismantled thousands of aircraft and
have also contributed to 2,000 aircraft being returned to service.

AFRA members attending the AGM also re-elected Martin Fraissignes, to the
position of AFRA Executive Director and William Carberry to the position of AFRA
Deputy Director, for a second three year term. The Directors stated that it was
a privilege and an honour to be selected by the membership to continue in their
roles of leading the association.

For more information contact:

Martin Fraissignes, AFRA Executive Director, +1-202-347-6896

Martin Todd, Cambre Associates, +32-2-645-7990

SOURCE: Aircraft Fleet Recycling Association

For more information contact: Martin Fraissignes, AFRA Executive Director,
+1-202-347-6896; Martin Todd, Cambre Associates, +32-2-645-7990