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- Latest Survey From the IT Job Board Highlights Today's Employment Pressures

Almost three quarters (74 percent) of IT candidates believe that it is taking longer to find a job in the current climate, according to the latest piece of research[1] from The IT Job Board,

And 58 percent of those surveyed stated that, because of the economic situation, they were becoming less selective about the types of jobs they are applying for.

To reinforce this, 64 percent advised that they were considering both contract and permanent IT jobs, and 59 percent said that they would opt for IT jobs with lower salaries.

When asked which tools they considered most important when applying for jobs, 40 percent referred to using skills specific job boards and 32 percent said they would make direct contact with a company.

In terms of rating the channels where they expect to find their next IT role, 38 percent highlighted job boards, and 26 percent flagged up recruitment agencies.

To improve their job prospects, 72 percent advised that they keep up-to-date with IT market information, and 55 percent use online networking tools.

Alex Farrell, managing director of The IT Job Board, said: The current climate has meant that IT candidates are having to work harder than ever to secure employment. And, they are clearly setting their expectations lower when it comes to selecting the types of roles they wish to apply for.

She added: There are fewer jobs being advertised, and employers are receiving greater response levels for campaigns. Now, more than ever, it is crucial for candidates to keep up-to-date with the market and any relevant IT qualifications and certifications.

Notes to editors

About The IT Job Board:

The IT Job Board group of companies was set up in April 2002 in recognition that recruitment in the IT sector was increasingly dominated by the internet.

Online technology enables sophisticated targeting - for example by skill, region or experience - of's database of 800,000 IT professionals. The IT Job Board always tries to get closer to candidates either via planned content campaigns, or through the use of social networks.

The site also offers employers services such as branded job postings, a featured employer zone, targeted email campaigns and guidance on advertising copy. The managed campaign service filters responses to provide companies with a shortlist of applicants most suitable for the advertised position.'s clients include Bloomberg, tda, Oxfam, Zen and CMed.

[1] 200 respondents interviewed on the theme of 'The Job Market' (May 2009)

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